About the MTA

The McDowell Trails Association is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation created to plan, develop, build and provide education and support for non-motorized trails in McDowell County, North Carolina

Our Mission

To partner with local governments, agencies, clubs and associations in order to create greenways, blueways and non-motorized trails that will promote health, recreational and economic opportunities for residents and visitors in McDowell County.

Our Legacy

  • Point Lookout Trail
  • Joseph McDowell Historical Catawba Greenway
  • Peavine Trail
  • Corpening Memorial Greenway

Our Vision

The MTA, by providing accessible greenways, rivers, and trails, benefits the people and businesses of McDowell County in so many ways...

  • Preserving and creating open spaces makes McDowell County a more pleasant place to live and work.
  • Creating new outdoor adventures and non-motorized transport opportunities encourages a healthier community
  • Strengthening the local economy by local sourcing, and by encouraging visitors to the area.
  • Preserving culturally and historically valuable areas in McDowell County ensures our legacy for future generations.
  • Building, maintaining, and expanding the greenway corridors has the potential to create new jobs, enhance property values, and attract new or relocating businesses.

Board Members

Frank Dean - President
Phyllis Davis - Vice-President
Pat Cook - Secretary

Todd Bell
Richard Berlick
Jerry Broome
Jane Brown
Oscar Creech
Phyllis Davis
Frank Dean
David DuBose
Fred Elliot
Billl Hendley
Zack Paben
Steve Pierce
David Ricketts
Molly Sandfoss
Eddie Seltzer
Doug Watson
David Wooten