Trail Safety

Pit Vipers in McDowell

When I hike, I’m always looking for snakes that might be using the same space that I want to use.  Most are non-venomous and the venomous kind probably doesn’t want a confrontation.  But there’s always that one who has had a bad day at the pit and is ready for a little action.  Just in case, I stay as...

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Hunting Seasons

When I hike anywhere, especially in Western North Carolina, I’m always aware of the hunting seasons.  

During deer season I don’t wear my buckskin jacket with the cap I bought at Bass Pro with the antlers on it.  Instead I try to wear at least one item of bright clothing or hunters orange to make myself known to hunters that may be in the area.  

I may not be able to see them but they should see me....

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The Rattlesnake From Head to Tail

As a hiker I’m always curious about snakes.  Maybe more than curious.  Maybe obsessed.  Anyway, here are some interesting generic facts about rattlesnakes.

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Essential Items When You Hike

Ten Essentials When Day Hiking


All the veteran hikers and backpackers I know have a “ten essentials” pack.

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Layering Your Clothing

Hiking in McDowell County is always a little tricky because the weather when you start is usually not the same when you finish.  Planning what to wear (and I...

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